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Spanning 120 pages and over 50,000 words, this volume is the same size as most small novels and is jam packed with males and females alike having their sex changed to  become the best of both in different ways. So if you like: 

  • males getting more endowed yet becoming otherwise feminized
  • muscular Amazonian women with big dicks having sex with other ladies
  • or even just penises on the feminine form in general, this book is for you!

Like its predecessor, this text-only story collection contains 3 revised and greatly expanded "sketch" stories as well as a new, original one for the low, low price of $4 and, for just $1 more, you can get the Full Text&Art Edition with a centerfold pinup of She of the Word from One with the Sword by Dazelyvivd as well as art for each story listed below and as shown in the screen shot of the page with Dot-In-The-Paradox's piece for One with the Sword

Story Information:

My Chimeric Fiancée (Revised | 9060 words, up from 1319, a 680% gain)

Given the chance to undergo whatever cosmetic chimeric surgery he needed to feel at home in his body, Eddie Green is  faced with the great opportunity for his wildest dreams to become reality. Already non-binary in presentation, the submissive man decides to become altersex and finds out her new body feels more than perfect. At home, Eddie's domme and fiancée, Christine--who is also a chimera--is ecstatic with her new pet and eager to put her through her paces... 

Featuring Chimera Extraordinaire, Xurnami and also Art by ATO21 in the T&A Edition. Contains altsex lesbian BDSM romance and sex as well as Demi-Humani Transformation, Weight Gain, Breast Expansion to a Big Size, and Edge Play in addition to the collection's themes.

One With the Sword (New | 19782 words)

A barbarian woman, on a quest to discover an ancient sword of power that she sees in her dreams, finds herself at the edge of a realm choked in animated ivy. After facing off with a Spellstress in Black and being captured by hyper-masculine soldiers, She Who Seeks finds out that there is more going on than appears in the lands around Rae Destin. When the city's ruler reveals both he and the Spelltress in Black are also looking for the sword, the barbarian finds herself between a rock and a hard place... 

Featuring art by DotInTheParadox and MoxyDoxy in the T&A Edition. Contains Fantasy Violence and Mild Gore. Also contains Lesbian romance, sex, and a threesome as well as Muscle Growth, Breast Expansion, Monstrous Transformation, and Size Difference Situations in addition to the collection's themes.

Witch's Brew (Revised | 15843 words, up from a combined 4104 with 770 from TierynBE. )

A pair of women with fractured pasts are on the lam. They steal potions rumored to make the user beautiful to earn themselves a quick buck as a means to escape their respective awful adolescences. One taste turns into two and, from there, the duo get in way over their heads as they refute their troubled pasts and find a new life together in more ways than one... 

A collaboration with TierynBE.  Featuring art by zdemian in the T&A Edition. Contains altsex Lesbian romance and sex as well as Light Bimbofication, LactationBreast Expansion to an Overwhelming Size, Weight Gain, Height Gain, Women's Muscle Growth, and Impregnation in addition to the collection's themes.

To Boldly Grow (Revised | 6738 words, up from 5011)

In a twist of fate, a non-binary erotica writer finds their newest transformation and expansion story affecting them in a big way. Suddenly in control of the ability to become anything they write, Misty's creativity must just be her downfall...

Featuring art by Boo3 and Lemonfont in the T&A Edition. Contains altsex masturbation and autopaizuri as well as Massive Breast Expansion, Corruption, Women's Muscle Growth, Weight Gain, Multi-Penis, and Becoming Demonic in addition to the collection's themes.


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