Final Story List

With cover art from DotInTheParadox and a centerfold pinup from Dazelyvivd, Changelog v2 will have the following story line up!

Busted! - A man goes to get some cosmetic chimera surgery and, when faced with the chance,  finally comes to terms with being non-binary. Their girlfriend is ecstatic with the new them.

She Who is One With the Sword - In a kingdom fueled by testosterone a barbarian woman draws an ancient sword of power and is sent to kill an evil witch. As you can imagine, things are not what they seem... Featuring art by MoxyDoxy.

Witch's Brew - A pair of young peasant women steal potions to make themselves more attractive to noble husbands and get in way over their heads. A collaboration with TeirynBE and featuring art by TBD

To Boldly Grow - in a twist of fate, a non-binary erotica writer finds their newest transformation and expansion story affecting them in a big way. Featuring art by TDB

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