Best of Both Worlds Chosen

With the theme set, I chose two pieces I wanted to work on, namely Busted! and To Boldly Grow. The first is one I wanted to go further with, but was constrained by word count. The second is one of my most popular stories, but it is from very early, so I am sure there are lots of things to fix with it.

That leaves two other pieces, the Cover Story and one more sketch to revise. I had originally intended on revising My First Party, but decided instead to do a Reader's Choice poll. Now, since I am awful and forgot to update the devlog, we are in the semifinals already as four very popular stories clash for the right to a slot in the collection. If you want to know more about the semi finals and how you can affect which story moves on the finals, [hop over to my blog] where I have everything laid out nice.

The Cover Story is a three way race which ends 7/31. Currently a fantasy story about a woman and a magic sword is very ahead, so I expect to see it be the new, original story.

There is, however, other news. Thanks to all of you who bought a copy of v1, I have a much larger budget for art in v2 and I am fairly sure every story will have art, there will be cover art, and a centerfold pinup of the protagonist from the cover story. I will know once the polls close who exactly is doing what, so stay tuned for that!

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