Release Date and more!

Hi everyone, Misty here!

Just want to say that things are progressing smoothly on the last little bit to get the collection done. If all goes well, it will be up for sale sometime on 10/9.

I do want to mention that this volume will come in two editions, a base $2 version which is just the stories and a premium $4 one which will include one or more pieces of art with each story. You can see samples of those pieces above n.n 

For those curious, those pieces are:  

  • The climatic scene from Busted! by Ato21
  • A transformation scene from One With the Sword by DotIntheParadox 
  • Pin-ups of She Who Seeks by MoxyDoxy and DazelyVivid
  • The climatic scene from Witch's Brew by zdemian
  • Transformation scenes from To Boldly Grow by Lemonfont and Boo3

Hoping this allows everyone to enjoy the collection! See you all soon n.n

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