Theme Chosen!

The theme of Best of Both Worlds has been chosen for Changelog v2!

Which means two things. 

First, the revised stories will be ones focused on characters that are or become altersex. I have a lot of those, so picking just three might can be a challenge. I know To Boldly Grow is getting expanded on and Busted! is getting more story, but the third piece is sort of up in the air. I will likely run a poll to see what people want.

Second is the cover story! My patrons voted to see something new as opposed to a follow up to an existing story, so these are the scenarios.

-  Story 1:  A guy gains magic powers which are slowly turning him into an amazon
-  Story 2:  A guy cross dresses for his partner as a surprise, finds out he enjoys being a woman
-  Story 3:  Woman draws a sacred sword and finds that it is always on hand
-  Story 4:  In a bid to do groundbreaking archaeology on an alien/fantasy race, a woman presents as a man and then starts to become altersex  
-  Story 5:  An NB gains both incubus and succubus powers, becoming an Omnibus
-  Story 6:  An altersex genie finds a new master
-  Story 7:  An altersex couple's honeymoon 

If you want to throw your support behind one, [the poll for $1+ patrons] ends 7/26 at midnight.

I should have details about artists in the near future.

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