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A tale of  [The Far Shore]

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173 - A Life-Changing Encounter

For? ModernMeta | Words? 1891 | Sex? No, but there is a kiss | Between? A woman and an Eldjinni (Elder Djinni)

Warning: This modern fantasy story is about an ambitious woman getting her wish for the power to work miracles in exchange for what seems like a very trivial cost. If transformation, a dishonest antagonist, or power plays are something you want to avoid, perhaps my [Story Index] will have something of interest to you? Otherwise… enjoy!

185 - A Stiff Surprise

Picking up right where Life Changing Encounter ended with Jeanie now nominally a jinni, the story just goes off the deep end as she finds out her powers are much harder to control than she expected which leads to all sorts of transformations. So if things like multi-limb, reality changes, time-travel, psyche changes, women getting (super) buff, accidental attribute transfer, clit expansion,  huge clits or altersex/female pairings, you might want to read something else n.n | Words: 4598 | Sex? Yes, between an altersex woman and a cis woman

193 - A Swelling Situation

Jeanie's first client as a jinni has a very peculiar request, how will granting her first request go and will she be able to keep from letting her emotions alter the course of the wish? If size difference situations are not your kink of if women: getting (super) buff,  becoming altersex, becoming a centaur, or developing hyper-sized genitalia will bother you, I would advise reading something else. | 

#4 - TBD

Plot and details forthcoming

#5 - TBD

Plot and details forthcoming


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