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  This Eros Pharma OFL had started out as a rom-com scene about an intersex lady whose physiology was such that she had an unending erection for the few days during her period and was having an unexpected one just as she was having her girlfriend over for the first time. That has evolved into, what I would like to believe are, a few really touching moments between two women falling for each other. 

  Needless to say, if you are not into well-endowed intersex individuals who present as women, this story is likely not for you. | Words: 2288 | Sex? Yes, between an intersex woman and a cis woman

Sample: "Well, this is my place,” Ruby said as she clicked on the lights in her living room. Thankfully, she had been able to do a good cleaning beforehand. Still nervous, she smoothed the front of her skirt and tugged at the vest she was wearing over a cute shirt with Rachel and Kitty kissing. “Want anything? I picked up some wi–”

  Her sentence was smothered by Hazel’s lips. Her breath stolen like it had never been before. She heard the front door close and felt herself being walked backward by the taller, stronger woman. The smell of lemon hung in the air around them like a fresh-baked tart. “I want that…”

  The words made Ruby’s body throb. In part because Hazel knew her secret. In fact, not only did she know, she found it hot–or so she said. Ruby’s recently acquired anxiety aside, this moment certainly seemed like genuine want. Her already quickly beating heart pounded harder. “Hazel, I–”

  “Just relax, Red,” Hazel said as she pushed Ruby back onto her couch. “I’ll make you feel amazing.”


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