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UPDATE: Due to life events, this volume as presented is cancelled and content yet to be determined will be published instead. I will update this page accordingly when I get closer to being done with the collection. Apologies to any who had pre-purchased looking forward to the below stories. As a note, Wishing For Myself is still in progress and will be released when it is complete.

Thanks for your understanding, 
Misty F

A collaborative effort to produce NSFW stories about the theme of self-reflection. Coming in Jan '18! Feb '18!

Misty F - Wishing For My Self, art to be determined 

In this all new story, a woman stumbles upon the means to explore her questions about identity, sexuality, and more thanks to a kindly elder spirit. However, when the only rule is to not impersonate another person, can she handle all the possibilities?

Miranda Stills [Tum][Pat] - Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Twins (left frame)

With her daughter going off to college in just a few weeks a young widow is already feeling  alone in her empty nest, but she has a crazy plan which involves her late husband's most successful invention. A reality altering chamber.
Knowing what it could do to her, she becomes fixated on going to college with her daughter and living a life she had to give up twenty years ago. Making a few adjustments, she steps into the chamber. A moment later, she steps out with a body that was never pregnant all those years ago--aside from some adjustments, of course.
 Now sporting a look that gets her confused for her daughter, the woman resolves to catch up on all the stuff she missed being a mother right out of high school by becoming dorm mates with her daughter and getting that degree she had been meaning to get. However, old habits die hard and when she starts accidentally stealing partners from her daughter, the younger woman takes matters into her own hands by spending some time in her dad's machine to one up her newest rival... Like daughter, like mother after all...    

Dan Standing [Tum][Pat] - Mirror Of My Mind (right panel)  

When Josie finds an old full-length mirror in an antique shop, she falls in love with the ornate frame and how crystal clear her reflection is. Once she gets it home, however, she finds it shows far more than simply her own image.  
Does the spirit inside the mirror who is borrowing her face really intend to give Josie what she desires? Is it worth the trade to let the spirit also make changes to Josie of its own choosing? Is the spirit driven by a sense of mischief, or do the soulful eyes in the mirror reflect more than just the color of Josie's own? Can she ever trust her own reflection again or is she bound now to see a different her looking out from behind the glass? 


Pre-order Now$6.00 USD or more

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